Crawford EmployerWORKS

Crawford EmployerWORKS

With the integration of the Crawford EmployerWORKS software, Crawford has taken considerable strides in investing in and developing technologies across all our service lines, including our human risk services. As a tool for Crawford’s Human Risk division disability and case management and workers’ compensation consultants, EmployerWORKS empowers our professionals to effectively and efficiently handle disability claims by ensuring a prompt and successful return to work, implementing proper measures to prevent workplace injuries.

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  • Access to a job profile database with more than 32,000 standardized job profiles to map out physical and cognitive demands
  • Rapid Office Strain Assessment (ROSA)  tools for training, self-assessment and tracking of office ergonomics
  • Easy access and communication of claimant details between involved parties, including adjudicators, insurers, physicians or health care providers
  • Apian technology leveraged for ease of use on PDAs


By leveraging both the capabilities of the EmployerWORKS software with the expertise and professional acumen of our professionals, our clients will be able to:

  • Increase workplace safety through artificial intelligence (AI) and advanced ergonomics
  • Implement effective prevention solutions to each employee to reduce workplace injuries
  • Provide data analytics to insurers to expedite the return to work of injured workers
  • Reduce overall claim costs
  • Promote a healthy workplace


For more information, please contact:

Victoria Hanson
National Account Executive
Tel: 905.526.2551