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Adjusting to a new market

As Crawford 'outperforms expectations' in terms of growth, Michèle Bacchus of Post Magazine speaks with CEO & president Harsha Agadi about his plans for the company.

ProClaim - Fall 2016

Crawford's fall 2016 edition of ProClaim focuses on the lessons learned in the Fort McMurray wildfire, Canada's largest disaster to date.

ProClaim - Summer 2016

Crawford's summer 2016 edition of ProClaim features articles on Flood insurance in Canada, cyber loss adjusting and performance bond claims.

A Data Breach Response Guide jointly produced by Experian Consumer Services & Crawford

There are very few companies that don’t communicate electronically or have any kind of confidential information or aren’t reliant on different software systems. As a result, the cyber threat is very real for all organisations and this guide aims to help you get to grips with the fact that there is no perfect security but you can always be prepared. In this guide, we not only analyse the need for businesses to have a data breach response plan, but also take you step-by-step through its preparation, implementation and ongoing improvement. Equipped with the information, insight and tools you need to protect your organisation from cybercrime, you can look to the future with confidence.
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On the Frontline: Guilty until proven innocent? Why the stakes are so high when the polluter pays

In November 2015, the failure of a tailings dam in Brazil released a torrent of mud – waste from nearby mines – containing high levels of toxic heavy metals and resulting in the deaths of 17 people. In March, the companies involved had agreed to pay $5.1bn in damages over 15 years for environmental and community damages.

On the Frontline: 2nd Edition

Welcome to the second edition of On the FrontLine, a global thought leadership magazine produced by Crawford & Company®. On the Frontline provides ground level insight from across the insurance industry, government and academia into the very latest in risk management thinking. Each edition aims to take you as close as possible to the threats we face by speaking to those who are dealing with these situations on a daily basis.

In this issue:
First of the scene – Counting the cost of Tohoku

Five years on from the earthquake and tsunami, the industry remembers an unprecedented catastrophe

Guilty until proven innocent?
Why environmental damage losses are growing in severity as regulators take polluters to task

21st century terrorism

The evolving terrorist threat is making businesses rethink their risk and insurance strategy

Rio 2016
The planning and risk management that goes into ensuring the Olympics kicks off without a hitch

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On The Frontline: 21st century terrorism

The world is on high alert. In 2014, terrorist related incidents rose 80%1, while since the beginning of 2015, ISIL – or Islamic State – alone has been directly responsible or acted as the inspiration for over 60 major acts of terror. Ranging from coordinated assaults on highly populated areas to “lone wolf” attacks, terrorist organizations are waging war on the world.

On The Frontline: All set for the best show in town

It’s been years in the planning and the fever and excitement is already building as Brazil prepares to kick off the 2016 Summer Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro on August 5 in the Maracanã Stadium. But with concerns over the Zika virus and potential for social unrest in a country beset by economic and political upheaval, the event organizers are gearing up to respond to unpredictable and potentially disruptive forces.