The Crawford Global Technical Services (GTS®) Mining team is led by highly experienced loss adjusters and accountants assisted by geotechnical and mining engineers, who have the technical know-how and expertise to investigate cause, and control and measure mining and processing losses. We can assist you in the development of your loss management plans for an early resumption of mining operations, and recommend measures to control costs and avoid financial waste.

Crawford GTS has handled the aftermath of hundreds of mining losses around the globe. Whether a massive landslide in an open pit mine or a barricade failure causing fatalities in an underground mine, Crawford GTS has been on the scene to manage every aspect of loss, from extraction and processing to final production.

Our expertise includes but is not limited to:

  • Block cave mines
  • Sudden collapse
  • Open pit mines
  • Major flooding
  • Major landslide and property damage involving fatalities
  • Smelter property damage and consequential losses
  • Underground coal mines
  • Barricade failure and mud rush
  • Longwall convergence claims
  • Rock fall/collapse

Where possible, Crawford GTS can provide an immediate on-site response, local liaison, and facilities through our global network of locations. By virtue of size and reach, we can provide multi-disciplinary teams with both the experience and expertise to manage any type of mining and mineral processing claims and related industries. We immediately implement measures to control reinstatement costs and mitigate consequential losses. Crawford GTS can also provide litigation support in the valuation of uninsured damage and business losses.

The  Mining team's major geographic focus is on the principal mining territories of South and Central Africa, Australia, Asia Pacific, South America, and North America. With the continuing globalization of the industry and rapidly accelerating growth in China and Eastern Europe, we can offer our services anywhere in the world.

Crawford GTS provides a variety of services with experts in the Mining industry. For more information, contact a Crawford GTS representative below. Or contact a GTS adjuster directly, by visiting and selecting CV Search.

Paul Hancock
Vice President, GTS Canada
Direct: 416-957-5043