Catastrophe Response

In the aftermath of any catastrophic event, policyholders and claimants expect fast, responsive service. Crawford is uniquely equipped to handle the increases in volume, complexity and the additional stress and strain on the system of carrier infrastructure. In this space, we provide the latest information on how Crawford is responding to recent severe weather events/disasters and other major events.

Major Events

Crawford is the industry's leading independent adjusting resource for insurance claim management in response to natural and man-made disasters. In this section, you will find detailed information on our response to any major event Crawford is currently handling.

Analysis and Resources

During the last 70 years, Crawford has handled all kinds of property and casualty claims, both large and small. In this section, we share our expertise and lessons learned from select severe storms and other major events.


Crawford & Company (Canada) Inc. Ready to Assist with Claims Surge
On Nov. 27, a windstorm carrying powerful gusts that exceeded 140 kilometres per hour hit southern Alberta, causing extensive damage in some areas. Crawford & Company (Canada) Inc.’s adjusters in Alberta, along with the Company’s national CAT team, are ready to handle the influx of claims expected to result from this event.
Low pressure system with strong winds and heavy rainfall in Eastern Canada
A low pressure system will move over areas of eastern Canada throughout late Tuesday and early Wednesday and will bring with it strong winds and heavy rainfall. The low pressure system is currently near Cape Cod and will rapidly deepen and move near Nova Scotia tonight and into Newfoundland on Thursday, developing into a major storm.
Severe Tornado and Thunderstorm Warning
A severe tornado watch has been issued for the Western Regions of Southern Ontario and a severe thunderstorm watch has also been issued for Eastern Regions of Northern Ontario.
Market Update - Norway
At least 76 people have died in twin attacks in Norway - the worst peacetime massacre in the country's modern history. Our thoughts and sympathies are with the people of Norway at this terrible time.
Crawford CAT Team Responding to Wildfires in Slave Lake, Alberta
Crawford & Company (Canada) Inc. has begun organizing to deploy adjusters into the area affected by the wildfires that have struck Slave Lake, Alberta. Adjusters are ready to assist with the damage and devastation being caused by the fire.
Market Update: Crawford Responds to Deadly U.S. Tornado Outbreak
Last week saw four straight days of widespread super-cell thunderstorms and reportedly more than 150 deadly tornadoes across the eastern half of the U.S. which caused more than 300 fatalities.
Market Update: Crawford Responds in Japan
As the devastating events of the earthquake and tsunami unfold in Japan, Crawford is monitoring the situation closely to plan our response to our many global clients particularly given the current threat of radiation exposures from damaged nuclear power plants at Fukushima. The safety of our people remains a priority, and we will continue to monitor the recommendations of several key government agencies concerning the advisability of travel to Japan. We will only mobilise our teams when it is safe to do so.
Market Update: Crawford Responds in Japan
First and foremost, our thoughts and sympathies are very much with the people of Japan who face an uncertain and difficult time; the images on TV and the Press put everything into perspective.